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Copyediting service

Recently, while having my book edited for publication, I spent so much time fixing commas that I thought, “Why is no one paying me for this?” I have an obsessive eye for detail and a deep knowledge of English grammar. I know exactly where the commas go in each sentence and which you can omit for effect. I know all the principle parts of lay and lie. And, most importantly, they jump out at me as I read. I can’t miss mistakes even if I wanted to.

Self-published authors need a clean manuscript to succeed in the competitive fiction market. Mistakes make you look unprofessional, and you may find yourself with angry reviews ignoring your beautiful plot to complain about the spelling. Yet digital tools that claim to solve this problem for you . . . don’t. Grammarly and its competitors don’t know the meaning of your sentences and can’t always tell if you’re saying what you mean to. A human can.

I have been writing for twenty years. I have a bachelors in English language and literature and taught English grammar to high schoolers. In my day job, I’m a content writer and editor, responsible for publishing clean copy on my company’s website.

But despite my punctuation obsession, I also know that writers break the rules all the time for effect. It’s part of how you develop your unique voice. So I’m here to help you follow the rules you want to follownot to erase everything that makes your writing yours.

Two commitments I make to you:

  • Every recommendation I make comes from me, not from a digital grammar checker.
  • Every edit is tracked for you to approve. I would sooner steal your wallet than change a comma without your approval.

My copyediting service includes:

  • Grammar check
  • Spelling checkincluding the spelling of words you have invented
  • Punctuation check
  • Check for word echoes and awkward phrasing
  • Continuity check

You should hire me after any developmental editing or rewrites. Why? Because if you make major changes or rewrite scenes, you’ll need these sections copyedited as well.


Query only: $5

Query and first chapter: $10

Larger excerpts or full novel: $0.01 (one cent) per word

Payment is through PayPal in US dollars. Turnaround is within two weeks for whole books, less for smaller excerpts. Book your slot by emailing me at sheilajenne2112@gmail.com. If you have a disability of any kind or write in English as a second language, mention it in your email to receive a discount.