Black Sails to Sunward is now on Goodreads!

I’m a big reviewer of things. I review the things I read, share advice about the places I’ve been, and shout about pretty much everything I enjoy. I like more people to enjoy them too. Plus, if it’s a book or a business, I want to spread the word.

So I’ve been on Goodreads for ages. That made it a little embarrassing when I discovered my book had been there for an entire month and I hadn’t noticed. I guess it happens automatically when a deal is officially announced!

Yesterday, I fixed an error in the listing and claimed my author profile. Still trying to figure out how to add a blurb, and the cover hasn’t even been designed yet. But it’s there, and people are adding it to their to-read lists, and that’s making me very happy.

It’s also on StoryGraph, which is arguably better than Goodreads when it comes to recommending books you would like. You can even include trigger warnings and vote on whether a book is fast-paced or character-driven or whatever. So if you’re a big reader, these are great sites to find books on.

Anyway, if you have an account either place, you can add my book to your list, thus giving me a big dopamine jolt and also allowing you to keep track of it as it gets closer to publication.

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